For whom is the ChangeBox?

Everyone can come to the ChangeBox during it’s opening hours. You find the current opening hours on our main page.

The events and opening hours will always be promoted on www.changebox.org

During the opening hours everyone is welcome to come for some coffee, to read, to work, to meet…

Students from the “ChangeBox” and the “Changemaker class” can also use the ChangeBox for group meetings.

Who is the contact person for the ChangeBox?

Anneke Schaardt is the main contact person for the ChangeBox, feel free to write her your ideas, suggestions, questions to: changebox@yooweedoo.org

Who can organize events in the ChangeBox?

It is open to all students interested in social innovation and sustainability to organize events at the ChangeBox within that general topic frame. Please write Anneke a message with your idea so that we can make further arrangements.

Is there funding available for events?

Yes, we got a budget of up to 250,00 Euro per event. Please contact Anneke in advance of the event and the expenses to clarify details.

What if I need a projector or other equipment for an event?

It is possible to get a projector and also workshop material from yooweedoo.

You are interested in helping to extend the opening hours of the ChangeBox and get involved further?

It would be great to have the Box open for everyone as a work place and to exchange ideas and discuss and so on at more times, however that also involves people taking care of it. Maybe you are having a group meeting anyway every week and would like to use the Box for it and during that time also further people could work within the Box? Just contact Anneke for further arrangements.

You have suggestions for us or further questions?

Great, please write your ideas, suggestions and questions to Anneke: changebox@yooweedoo.org.

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